Color Test

Color Test

The color chart of the 14 Altearah Bio colors allows you to deliberately or instinctively select at a glance the color that appeals to you and will provide the desired well-being.

Grab the Color Test® and spontaneously choose the 4 colors that catch your eye at the time. Go with your first instinct and don't over think it.

  1. The 1st color is that of the present moment. It is the color of the day. You always need it even if you don't miss it.
  2. The 2nd color represents your current issue, the energy deficit. There may be excess or a lack that needs to be balanced.  This is the color you need to allow your body to regain its balance. 
  3. The 3rd color makes incorporating the 2nd color easier, especially if olfactory is difficult. It helps the second color get absorbed more rapidly. 
  4. The 4th color represents the next stage in your life, what you're going to gain due to the balance of the 2nd color.

Possible Outcomes from the Color Test:

  1. You perceive the fragrance as pleasant - the need is momentary.
  2. The fragrance is a little harsh, not very pleasant but may change during the olfactory experience - imbalance related to recent events.
  3. You reject the fragrance. It does not appeal to you at all - the imbalance is profound and chronic.