White / Purity

Altearah White Square
"While running around town on a Saturday afternoon, I am overwhelmed by the crowds. The exhausts from the cars, the heavy noise, the sidewalks filled with people and trails of heavy colognes suffocate me. WHITE, your purity cleanses me and revitalizes me. I feel more calm now that my mind and body are free of this energetic and environmental pollution."

White / Purity

White has a purifying effect. It cleanses deep down, purifies and regenerates.

Its Action

Purifies and regenerates mind and body. Cleanses deep down. Restores harmony. The essential oils and the color of this fragrance bring a profound sense of purity and revitalization.

Its Symbolism


White is the color of purity, clean, transparency

Its Keywords

Purity, Transparency, Clarification


Its Composition

Organic essential oils of Tea tree, Cedar, Lavender, Sweet Orange