Understanding Color

Color affects us whether we realize it or not. Some colors are uplifting while others are more calming. Color affects our moods, emotions, attitude, health, and overall wellbeing.

Used since the antiquity, color is used to treat diseases or relieve pains with the help of the appropriate color. Nowadays, it consists on projecting a colored light directly on the hurt body area via the skin, or in the eyes in case of a more general disease.

Today, this science has proven its benefits and is accepted. i.e: studies lead by NASA have shown that red accelerates healing. Some hospitals are now using some light-therapy and chromotherapy material in operating blocks.

Colors are omnipresent in our lives: in nature, our home decor, our visual communication, our clothes even in the different food on our plates.

We maintain a right and instinctive communication with them, and we look for them daily by wearing specific clothing, or being attracted by specific hues that make us feel a sense of balance, nourishment, energy or calmness.

The Altearah concept took this science to create a range of natural and organic colors cosmetic products, to enhance beauty and well-being with an holistic approach.