The 5 Essentials

Altearah 5 Essential Colors

The 5 Altearah Essential Colors

The essential 5 colors are Emerald, Royal Purple, White, Orange, and Turquoise which all represent basic yet essential needs in life. 

We need these five essential color emotions throughout life to grow, be our best self, lead life authentically, live with ease and experience true wellness. All other emotions are complimentary or a result of these five essential colors.

These are the five colors we recommend as a starting point for our clients. You will have your client pick one of the five essential colors from the color cards and use that color throughout their appointment to what has become known as the Altearah Wellness Experience. 

When you become a professional client, you will receive access to wellness and beauty protocols that are unique to Altearah.

What is your client feeling today?

Does your client feel Restricted, and in need of Space and Air? THEY NEED EMERALD OXYGEN

Is your client feeling Exhausted, Uprooted or Unmotivated? THEY NEED ROYAL PURPLE ENERGY  

Is your client Jet lagged? Do they need to Cleanse and Purify? THEY NEED WHITE PURITY 

Is your client feeling Blocked, Disconnected or Scattered? THEY NEED ORANGE CREATIVITY

Is your client Over thinking things or Lacking Sleep? THEY NEED TURQUOISE SERENITY