Red / Vitality

Altearah Red Square


"Did the alarm really just got off? Oh no. All I want to do is go back to sleep. I already feel overwhelmed and the day has just begun. Lying down lethargically, I look in vain for that impetus that will push me forward...RED, I feel your energy nourish me and give me that boost of energy I need to get out of bed. Here I am, awake, ready to take action. I feel in control on my day and my life! It's time to have a great and productive day."


About Red

Red is the color of vitality, of dynamism. It encourages action. It gives us an appetite for life and inspires us to live life to the fullest. It is a great color for people with heavy legs, who are on their feet a lot and you are just feeling tired. It is also recommended for people who are struggling financially, who are having a hard time finding stable work, or people who are obsessed or have an unhealthy relationship (pretentious, stingy) with money. 

Its Action

Rediscover vivacity and enthusiasm. Awakens body and mind. Improves fluidity and circulation. The organic essential oils and the color of this warm, spicy fragrance instantly stimulate energy and create the desire to take action.

Its Symbolism

Red represents vitality, materialism, action, the present moment, roots, energy, and regeneration. 

Its Composition

Organic essential oils of Clove, Cedar, Sweet Orange.


Fun Facts

Associated Organs : Pelvis, coccyx (sacrum), legs, blood, lymph, adrenaline, and all that circulates in the body (fluids, hormones, .etc)
Associated Chakra : 1st Chakra - Root chakra (muladhara)
Associated Endocrine System : Adrenal glands
Favored Areas of Application : Feet, legs, kidneys, heart