Orange / Creativity

Altearah Orange Square
"Thoughts keep spiraling in my head. I feel stressed, stuck, and disconnected. My body feels stiff. ORANGE, you put me in touch with my body again. I feel calm, focused and creative. I feel more sensual and connected. My intuition is speaking to me loud and clear. I listen to it and go about creating a magnificent life."

About Orange

Orange is one of the five essential colors. It is a protective color; it helps us cope with stress, anxiety and feeling insecure. It can help protect us against external negative and draining moods and emotions so it's a great color to have around energy vampires.

Orange is good for concentration, helping develop our creativity and intuition. It harnesses the power you need to make your own life choices.

It can help center someone who is scattered, disorganized, and unfocused. It is great for someone who is impatient and/or very emotional. 

Orange is great for digestion and emotional eating, immunity, warmth and sensuality. It is useful for resolving the conflicts in relationships especially the maternal ones.

Orange is a popular color for women because it helps women learn to receive and appreciate it. It helps us feel that we are enough and we are worthy! When we love and accept ourselves it is easier to feel content and joyful.

Linked to femininity and maternity, orange responds to our need to reconnect to our femininity and our desire to care for ourselves. It helps us be aware of our feelings and sensations in the body. It is known to help awaken one’s sensuality.

Its Action

Awaken my sensuality. Reconnect with my body. Encourage my creativity.

The essential oils that make up this citrus fragrance quickly calm, soothe, and comfort. They wrap you in a soft and reassuring cocoon. They evoke sensuality.

Its Symbolism

Orange is the color of creativity, femininity, maternity, sensuality, feeling centered, intuition, inner strength, reception, and self worth.

Its Composition

Organic essential oils of Sweet Orange, Atlantic Cedar, Mandarin Orange, Lavandin.

Fun Facts

Associated Organs : Intestines, colon, genital organs, kidneys, skin, abdomen
Associated Chakra : 2nd Chakra - Sacral chakra
Associated Endocrine System : Gonads, sexual and reproductive glands
Favored areas of application : Soles of the feet, adrenal glands and sacrum