Gold / Confidence

Altearah Gold Square
"There has been so much going on in my life the I have lost my way. Who am I? I need to find myself again. GOLD, you make me shine. You bring me confidence and allow me to be me again. I am happy and at peace with myself. I feel radiant."

Gold / Confidence

Gold is a flamboyant, immutable color. It restores self-confidence. 

Its Action

Restores my self-confidence. Allows me to be myself and to shine. The essential oils and the color of this fragrance are an invitation to calm and a reminder of the essential: be yourself.

Its Symbolism

Radiance, light, wisdom, knowledge, the present moment, confidence 

Its Keywords


Its Composition

Organic essential oils of Litsea cubeba, Sweet Orange, Javanese Citronella, Cedar, Mandarin, Patchouli