About Us

Starling Natural works exclusively with small beauty and wellness manufacturers that create high quality organic products that are not only great for you but the earth.  

Our partners are women-owned companies with integrity, core values, and a passion for empowering women and making the world a better place. Our partners are truly committed to quality, efficacy, safety, transparency, fair trade, and never test their products on animals.

Why French products?

We share with you the best of Provence for several reasons. First, Europe in general has much stricter guidelines on what manufacturers are allowed to put in their products. The European Union has banned 1,400 harmful cosmetic ingredients while the U.S. has only banned 11. With our skin being our biggest organ, it's unacceptable to use any products with toxic ingredients. 

Why products from provence? Caroline, the founder, is originally from France. Her family lives in Aix-en-Provence, only an hour from where our companies are based. She also loves unique products that she can introduce to the US market. It's an honor and a privilege to be able to share with you Altearah Bio from Provence. 

We will be adding a few more brands from around the world. Stay tuned as we search the globe for high quality and unique brands to share with you. 

About Caroline, the founder: I started Starling Natural for many reasons. I have been in the health and beauty industry since 2009 and spend a lot of time researching products, ingredients, companies…testing numerous products along the way. I want to personally know the faces behind each company because I believe that someone's business is an extension of and reflects who they are as a person. 

Since we believe in eco-friendly, sustainable, green products and business practices, we are a proud member of the Green Spa Network.